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The National park of Peneda-Gerês extends from the plateau of Castro Laboreiro to the plateau of Mourela, covering the mountain ranges of Peneda, Soajo, Amarela and Gerês. Discover this vast amphitheatre sculptured by geological formations, winds and water. The National park of Peneda-Gerês was established by decree in 1971 with the aim of enhancing, for educational, scientific and tourist purposes, human activities and the natural resources of this privileged landscape set in the mountainous areas in northeast Portugal. The soil, water, flora and fauna have all been preserved.


The new Parque Arqueologico do Vale do Coa was designated to protect a series of Paleolithic rock engravings. There are more than 30 sites where rock engravings have been found. Visits to the sites are made in the company of guides from the Archaeological Park. Three sites are open to the public: Canada do Inferno, Penascosa and Ribeira de Piscos. Today it’s quite a drive to get to the park, but many do it to see the cave paintings of mountain goats, horses, aurochs (wild bulls) and deer. These species are all typical of the large herbivores that were part of the ecosystem in the region during the Upper Paleolithic Age